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Nayt's character sheets

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Nayt's character sheets

Postby Nayt on Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:38 am

Herein lies a list of all my character sheets. I'll add a link to one each time a make a new'un. Also, I'll note here which ones are still breathing air as of the latest chronological update in their respective plots.

¬ Alma, El Vacío: Alive
¬ Almaster, Gardini IV: Alive
¬ Akizetsumei: Deceased
¬ Aria: In Limbo
¬ Arrevous, Tabris: Alive
¬ Attis: Alive
¬ Eroina: Undead
¬ Gestahl: Deceased
¬ Goiyer, Serj: Alive
¬ Hikane, Etsu: Ressurected
¬ Hikane, Reiji: Alive
¬ Hinund, Inara Qemi ar-Alun: Alive
¬ Hugh: Alive
¬ Illorex: Alive
¬ Irou, Naius: Ressurected
¬ Jinkou, Izumi: Alive
¬ Kageko: Gaiasoul
¬ Katalyna: Alive
¬ Kato, Ishi: Alive
¬ Kato, Mizuki: Alive
¬ Kerington, Daniel: Alive
¬ Ketsunai, Yasuo: Ressurected
¬ Kyla: Alive
¬ Lahmendt, Icsorue Jaini: Ressurected
¬ Milos: Alive
¬ Misotalles, Areva: Alive
¬ Narasc, Kayli: Alive
¬ Nikelas: Alive
¬ O'Connor, Prez: Ressurected
¬ Oboreru: Deceased
¬ Pavlin, W. Davis: Alive
¬ Recheov: Alive
¬ Seras: Alive
¬ Shiranai, Nagori: Alive
¬ Spier, Taesla: Alive
¬ Suiriu: Alive
¬ Takamine, Mayako: Alive
¬ Tetsuken, Daisuke: Alive
¬ Tetsuken, Yuuka: Alive
¬ The Legionnaire: Alive
¬ The Seeker: Deceased
¬ Theleaus, Nicolo Saragne IV: Alive
¬ Thompson, Scott: Deceased
¬ Toushikyo: Alive
¬ Usurii: Alive
¬ Vaerbond, Emma: Alive
¬ Vaerbond, Remington: Deceased
¬ Vaerbond, Sarah: Alive
¬ Xibtrae: Alive
¬ Ylaina: Alive
¬ Zaero: Undead
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