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New server, new forum.

All forum-wide announcements will be posted here.

New server, new forum.

Postby Zombzeh Nayt-o! on Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:19 pm

Welcome back, guys. This is Utopia's new forum, and as far as I know, the permanent placement of Utopia from now on. You'll notice that the new setting is up, and you can find more information about that here.

One important change is that there is no stat system. Utopia ran on a stat system for the longest time, but with this forum, it's officially abolished. At least, abolished from necessity. Players can still use it if they want, and can even run their plots with a stat sheet as a necessity. It is completely optional, though. Rather than stats, it's been decided that this forum is instead just a mild powers roleplaying forum.

You'll notice that on Utopia, a few nations are missing. This is because they were inactive for a very, very long time, and showed no signs of life again. If you want to bring them back, let us know, and we'll port them over as soon as we possibly can. There'll be no thread transfers unless players do it themselves. We plan on keeping the old forum up as a read-only archive, so no one has to manually archive anything. If you want to repost your stickies or anything, feel free. If you really, seriously, truly want to manually archive some of your roleplays, also feel free. Since we're going to have a forum up with every post archived, it's not really necessary, but I know some of you are still going to manually archive some of your roleplays. You crazy bastards.

This forum still needs a tiny bit of work, but it's all minor stuff. So! That said, feel free to continue RPing as you were. That old forum isn't going to go down anytime soon. In a few days, I'll set it as read-only, which leaves all of us more than enough time to make the transition.

I'm pretty sure Manda has her own welcome message to add, too, but this is all on my end. Have fun!
Zombzeh Nayt-o!
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