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The Begining of Death (Open)

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The Begining of Death (Open)

Postby Shin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:11 pm

Chaos. Madness. Wild. All three words and more could be used to describe the scene in the large valley that would later come to be known as Valley of Blood Point. Cries of terror, victory, frustration, hate and hopelessness could all be heard, the cries rose above the shrieks of carrion birds circling the battlefield and the ring of steel on steel or steel on flesh.

Any semblance of order had long been abandoned, there were no neat lines of soldiers, no groups numbering more than three or four for fear of betrayal were in every ones thoughts. Even the colors and symbols belonging to the three different forces were no longer visible, the only uniformity about the men and women in the valley was blood, and everyone wore blood, the blood of their allies, the blood of their enemies and their own.

It was a cursed placed where not even Death himself could claim those that fell. For death was but a temporary thing here and those that fell, no matter how grievous the injury, rose again to pick up their sword, spear or axe and fight again.

Time itself, like death, had no meaning in this place and despite their best efforts the warriors of the valley could not remember when they had started this war, or why, only that it needed to continue for them to survive. The most basics of instincts, survival, drove them with a feverish determination. It was a foolish instinct as each warrior had died a dozen times and more, yet they fought on.

Something was stirring within the hearts, minds and spirits of those fighting. It had started some time ago, a small feeling at first, but over time rose unnoticed by the combatants. And even now, with death all around them, it continued to rise unnoticed, even when a block slipped or a parry missed, when feet tripped on familiar ground they did not stop to question it and continued with the only thing they remembered, the only thing they knew. War.

War that was on the verge of ending this very night.
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