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Akiyama Jiro

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Akiyama Jiro

Postby IchiNiSanGo on Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:12 am


Name: Akiyama Jiro

Race: Cizokian

Status: Alive

Skin Color: Pale

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 160 lbs

Age: 29

Date of Birth: December 5, 4615

History: The Akiyama has been working with the Imperial family for years. They consider themselves the eyes and ears of the Imperials. Jiro became the head of the Akiyama after his father died in his sleep. Jiro was only 16 at the time. His decisions were brash and bold. In the long run, he led his clan to success, even forming an alliance with several of the Imperial allies. However, the Akiyama were not nearly as important as the closest to the Emperor, so Jiro feels it necessary to do the dirty work that none seemed to be interested in. Strangely, Jiro feels no desire to take the Akiyama further. He prefers to defend his own province and allow it to get richer. While his province is of little importance, he does rule over several of the smaller families, including the Kurohara and Nabeshima. Jiro had recieved Nabeshima Cho as a hostage while she was young and he was in his early 20's. The hope, at the time, was for the pair to maybe wed, but the older the pair got, the less interested they became in marriage and more interested they became in information acquisition.

Personality: Jiro is very impulsive and relies often on his gut to make quick decisions. He is not known for analyzing the details and that is something that he has never been great at. The most thoughtful thing he had ever done was to negotiate in taking Nabeshima Cho as a hostage. The pair rarely travels apart, as Cho is seen in very high regards from him. Cho is his right hand woman. His quick temper often gets him into a lot of trouble. For example, the loss of his eye was a result of a drunken man's challenge to another. It is also something that Jiro rarely talks about and seems very reluctant to explain.

Kyujutsu- Having only one eye has helped Jiro master the skill of archery.
Shikunshi-ryu kenjutsu- More of a calm school of swordsmanship. It is common amongst those of the province that Jiro rules over. It relies more of movements within an ebb and flow of battle, both defensively and offensively.
Sho ten kata- A simple kata that Jiro developed himself to enable him to calm himself in battle. It uses qi to help him extend his endurance as long as he is calm.
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